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Ronan Roche

CAMS Role: Research Officer

Room: 204 Marine Centre Wales (CAMS)

Telephone: 01248 38 3972



I graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Edinburgh in 2000. I carried out research in 2002 as part of my MSc in Tropical Coastal Management at the University of Newcastle in Trindad and Tobago. I then worked for several years in Coastal Zone Management and Fisheries topics at the Essex Estuaries Initiative in Colchester, England. I then was awarded an IGERT fellowship to study at the University of Rhode Island, where I completed the MMA (Master of Marine Affairs) program focusing on Marine Law and Policy in 2007.

My PhD thesis is entitled "A multi-proxy reconstruction of mid-Holocene environmental conditions at a nearshore Great Barrier Reef site: King Reef, Northern Queensland." This project was collaboration between Manchester Metropolitan University, The Natural History Museum, London, and James Cook University, Australia. I received additional assistance from the NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory, UK.

Research Interests

I am interested in studying how natural systems respond to anthropogenic alteration, using a multi-disciplinary approach. So far, I have focused on coral reef ecosystems and their long-term resilience and diversity. I am also interested in the policy and legal structures for management of marine areas.

I am currently working on the Seacams project at Bangor University

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