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Delphine Lallias

CAMS Role: Research Officer

Room: 328 Westbury Mount

Telephone: 01248 38 8157



2004-2007: Ph.D. (Bangor University, U.K.). Genetic linkage mapping in the blue mussel Mytilus edulis and the European flat oyster Ostrea edulis, and the search for Quantitative Trait Loci of resistance to a disease in O. edulis.
Supervisors: A.R. Beaumont (Bangor University), P. Boudry and S. Lapègue (Ifremer, La Tremblade, France).

2002: M.Sc. in Biological Oceanography and Marine Environment, Area of Specialisation: Population dynamics (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France).

2000: B.Sc. in Biology of Populations and Ecosystems (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France).

Research Interests

I have a strong background in the science and practice of molecular biology of aquatic organisms, namely marine bivalves, freshwater and marine fishes. My main research interests and expertise include genetic and QTL mapping, population genetics and parentage analysis. I have also worked in biodiversity assessment of the estuarine meiofauna using ultra deep sequencing (454) technologies. I recently started to develop an interest in bivalve genomics.

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