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Shelagh Malham

CAMS Role: Research Fellow

Room: 407 Westbury Mount

Telephone: 01248 38 3952



I am a reader in the School of Ocean Sciences and work for the Centre for Applied Marine Sciences in Bangor University. I completed my BSc (Jt. Hons. Marine Biology and Zoology) and PhD at UWB in Octopus immunology. Following a Marie Curie fellowship (on oyster immune function) in Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) station in Roscoff, France and a Return Marie Curie (immunology and genetics of oysters) I have been successful in obtaining a number of research council, EU and commercial funding.

Research Interests

My research has focused on a number of topics with a common theme, that of environmental interactions in relation to shellfish. This interdisciplinary interest takes a holistic approach and encompasses such wide ranging themes as catchment to coast processes, ecosystem health, estuarine functioning, pathogens and human health, macronutrient processing, pollution, climate change (temperature, acidification, sea level rise), shellfish mortality/disease, larval connectivity and shellfish sustainability. The work tends to be very applied with the direct impact required for commercial enterprises in catchment, coastal and oceanographic areas. The investigations and experiments into these areas has however led to new areas and understandings of science.

My early research characterised the immune response of certain advanced invertebrates (cephalopods). This has led to more applied research on shellfish which includes developing monitoring procedures for the aquaculture industry based on immunological assays to provide advanced warning of stress; and developing techniques for boosting the immune status through controlled exposure to a range of chemicals. Further development established direct links between environmental stresses and physiological effects on organisms and the use of novel molecular techniques such as metabolomics to develop indices of ecosystem health. I have a strong interest in the response of whole communities to environmental stresses, and the wider effects on biodiversity.

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