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Tom Galley

CAMS Role: Research Assistant

Room: 305 Nuffield

Telephone: 01248 38 383512



Tom is a research officer in the Centre for Applied Marine Sciences based at Bangor University. He completed a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology in 2002 followed by an MSc in Shellfish Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture in 2004, both at University of Wales, Bangor. Since 2004 he has gained extensive experience within the field of aquaculture, particularly with crustaceans and molluscs, during a number of research posts at Bangor University.

Recent work has seen Tom focus on the advancement of bivalve aquaculture, with projects including an EU funded "Craft project" called BLUESEED looking at the development of a reliable supply of high quality blue mussel seed. This has involved work to optimise hatchery techniques and develop protocols for the production of triploid mussels. Currently Tom is involved in project REPROSEED, an EU funded program, in which he is investigating the influence of chemical cues on metamorphosis and factors influencing post-settlement movement in the bivalves Mytilus edulis and Pecten maximus.

Another significant area of interest is the culture of ornamental marine fish and invertebrates, and the development of captive breeding to supply the aquarium industry. Tom has experience of rearing several species of clownfish and seahorse, and was recently awarded an A4B grant to conduct a feasibility study on reviewing ornamental production capabilities and the establishing of production.

Research Interests

Molluscan aquaculture; hatchery production and development of culture techniques for bivalve species, including M. edulis and P. maximus.

Crustacean aquaculture; development of culture techniques.

Captive culture of vertebrate and invertebrate species for the ornamental marine aquarium sector.

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