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Dei Huws BSc (Leicester) MSc PhD (Wales)

CAMS Role: Academic Lead

Room: 304 Craig Mair

Telephone: 01248 38 2523



I am a senior lecturer in Marine Geophysics here at the School of Ocean Sciences. I graduated from the University of Leicester in 1986 with a degree in Geology with Geophysics and went on from there to complete the Masters course in Marine Geotechnics at SOS. After this, I worked as a Research Assistant on two EU funded research projects and resulting from this was my PhD thesis entitled, 'Measurement and analysis of shear wave velocity in marine sediments', completed in 1992. I was then appointed as a Research Officer in Marine Geophysics, before being promoted to lecturer in 2001 and my present position in 2012.

Research Interests

My primary interest involves assessing the potential that geophysical measurements has in measuring geotechnical properties of marine sediments and in understanding the factors which control those properties. Currently I am investigating how shear wave velocity measurements can be used to parameterise the influence of natural sediment fabric on the settlement behaviour of marine soils under an imposed load. I am also supervising a project which is attempting to produce a near surface 2-D model of shear wave velocity by a combination of direct sea floor, shear wave refraction experiments, combined with the inversion of dispersed Scholte and Love waves. Finally, I have a research interest in using and assessing how a combination of high resolution geophysical techniques (both marine and terrestrial) can be used to reconstruct Holocene palaeoenvironments.

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