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Publications of Katrien Van Landeghem

As indicated by hyperlinks in the list, PDF copies of some of these publications are available for non-commercial research and educational purposes only. You may not use the material for commercial purposes or make multiple copies without requesting permission from the copyright holder (usually the book or journal publisher).

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Van Landeghem, Katrien J. J., Niemann, Helge, Steinle, Lea I., O'Reilly, Shane S., Huws, Dei G., Croker, Peter F. (2015)
Geological settings and seafloor morphodynamic evolution linked to methane seepage. Geo-Marine Letters 35(4), 289-304, DOI: 10.1007/s00367-015-0407-5 (id:2615)

Ward, S.L., Neill, S.P., Van Landeghem, K.J.J. and Scourse, J.D. (2015)
Classifying seabed sediment type using simulated tidal-induced bed shear stress. Marine Geology, 367, 94-104
PDF or website (id:2524)

Chiverrell, R.C., Thrasher, I., Thomas, G.S.P., Lang, A., Scourse, J.D., Van Landeghem, K.J.J., Mccarroll, D., Clark, C., Ó'Cofaigh, C., Evans, D.J.A. and Ballantyne, C.K. 2013
Bayesian modelling the retreat of the Irish Sea Ice Stream. Journal of Quaternary Science 28, 200-209. (id:2105)

Van Landeghem, K.J.J., Baas, J.H., Mitchell, N.C, Wilcockson, D. and Wheeler, A.J. (2012)
Reversed sediment wave migration in the Irish Sea, NW Europe: a reappraisal of the validity of geometry-based predictive modelling and assumptions. Marine Geology 295-298, pp. 95-112 (id:2032)

Van Landeghem KJJ, Wheeler AJ and Mitchell N (2009)
Seafloor evidence for palaeo-ice streaming and calving of the grounded Irish Sea Ice Stream: implications for the interpretation of its final deglaciation phase. Boreas 38, 119-131 (id:2030)

Van Landeghem, K.J.J., Uehara, K., Wheeler, A.J., Mitchell, N.C. and Scourse, J.D. (2009)
Post-glacial sediment dynamics in the Irish Sea and sediment wave morphology: Data-model comparisons. Continental Shelf Research, 29, Issue 14, pp. 1723-1736.
PDF or website (id:1777)

Van Landeghem, K.J.J., Wheeler, A.J., Mitchell, N.C., and Sutton, G., 2009.
Variations in sediment wave dimensions across the tidally dominated Irish Sea, NW Europe: Marine Geology, 263, p. 108-119.
PDF or website (id:1775)

Book Chapters

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Robinson, K.A., Mackie, A.S.Y., Lindenbaum, C., Darbyshire, T. and Van Landeghem, K.J.J.
Seabed habitats of the Southern Irish Sea. In: Harris , P.T. and Baker E.K (Eds) (2012) Seafloor Geomorphology as Benthic Habitat: Geohab Atlas of Seafloor Geomorphic Features and Benthic Habitats. Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0-12-385140-6 (id:2031)

Additional Publications

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Van Landeghem, K.J.J., Besio, G., Niemann, H., Mellett, C., Huws, D., Steinle, L., O'Reilly, S., Croker, P., Hodgson, D., Williams, D. (2013).
Amplified Sediment waves in the Irish Sea (AmSedIS), in: Van Lancker, V. et al. (Ed.) (2013). MARID 2013: Fourth International Conference on Marine and River Dune Dynamics. Bruges, Belgium, 15-17 April 2013. VLIZ Special Publication, 65: pp. 285-290
PDF or website (id:2365)

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