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Publications of Matthew Lewis

As indicated by hyperlinks in the list, PDF copies of some of these publications are available for non-commercial research and educational purposes only. You may not use the material for commercial purposes or make multiple copies without requesting permission from the copyright holder (usually the book or journal publisher).

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Goward-Brown, A.J., Neill, S.P. and Lewis, M.J. (2017)
Tidal energy extraction in three-dimensional ocean models. Renewable Energy 114A, 244-257.
PDF or website (id:2705)

Lewis M, Neill SP, Robins P, Hashemi MR, Ward S. (2017)
Characteristics of the velocity profile at tidal-stream energy sites, Renewable Energy 114A, 258-272.
PDF or website (id:2691)

Lewis, M., Angeloudis, A., Robins, P., Evans, P. S. and Neill, S. (2017) .
Influence of storm surge on tidal range energy. Energy. 122: 25-36.
PDF or website (id:2677)

Neill, S.P., Vögler, A., Goward-Brown, A.J., Baston, S., Lewis, M.J., Gillibrand, P.A., Waldman, S. and Woolf, D.K., (2017)
The wave and tidal resource of Scotland. Renewable Energy 114A, 3-17.
PDF or website (id:2692)

Piano M, Neill SP, Lewis MJ,Robins PE, Hashemi MR, Davies AG, Ward SL, Roberts MJ. (In press)
Tidal stream resource assessment uncertainty due to flow asymmetry and turbine yaw misalignment. Renewable Energy
PDF or website (id:2698)

Togneri M, Lewis M, Neill S, Masters I. (2017)
Comparison of ADCP observations and 3D model simulations of turbulence at a tidal energy site, Renewable Energy 114A, 273-282.
PDF or website (id:2690)

Hashemi, M.R., Spaulding, M.L., Shaw, A., Farhadi, H. and Lewis, M., 2016.
An efficient artificial intelligence model for prediction of tropical storm surge. Natural Hazards, 82(1), pp.471-491. (id:2686)

Neill, S.P., Hashemi, M.R. and Lewis, M.J. (2016)
Tidal energy leasing and tidal phasing. Renewable Energy 85, 580-587. (Open access)
PDF or website (id:2549)

Robins, P.E., Skov, M.W., Lewis, M.J., Gimenez L., Davies, A.G., et al. (2016).
Impact of climate change on UK estuaries: A review of past trends and potential projections. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 169, 119-135. (id:2685)

Hashemi, M. R., Neill, S. P., Robins, P. E., Davies, A. G., and Lewis, M. J. (2015)
Effect of waves on the tidal energy resource at a planned tidal stream array. Renewable Energy 75, 626-639
PDF or website (id:2450)

Lewis, M.J., Neill, S.P., Elliott, A.J. (2015)
Inter-annual variability of two contrasting offshore sand banks in a region of extreme tidal range. Journal of Coastal Research. 31, 265-275.
PDF or website (id:2426)

Lewis, M.J., Neill, S.P., Robins, P.E. and Hashemi, M.R. (2015)
Resource assessment for future generations of tidal-stream energy arrays. Energy 83, 403-415. (Open access)
PDF or website (id:2513)

Robins, P.E., Neill, S.P., Lewis, M.J. and Ward, S.L. (2015)
Characterising the spatial and temporal variability of the tidal-stream energy resource over the northwest European shelf seas. Applied Energy 147, 510-522. (Open access)
PDF or website (id:2512)

Lewis, M., Horsburgh, K. and Bates, P. (2014).
Bay of Bengal cyclone extreme water-level estimate uncertainty. Natural Hazards 72(2), 983-996. DOI 10.1007/s11069-014-1046-2
PDF or website (id:2388)

Lewis, M.J., Neill, S.P. and Hashemi, M.R. (2014)
Realistic wave conditions and their influence on quantifying the tidal stream energy resource. Applied Energy 136, 495-508. (Open access)
PDF or website (id:2448)

Neill, S.P., Hashemi, M.R. and Lewis, M.J. (2014)
Optimal phasing of the European tidal stream resource using the greedy algorithm with penalty function. Energy 73, 997-1006.
(Open access)
PDF or website (id:2423)

Neill, S.P., Hashemi, M.R. and Lewis, M.J. (2014)
The role of tidal asymmetry in characterizing the tidal energy resource of Orkney. Renewable Energy 68, 337-350
PDF or website (id:2395)

Neill, S.P., Lewis, M.J., Hashemi, N.J., Slater, E., Lawrence, J. and Spall, S.A. (2014)
Inter-annual and inter-seasonal variability of the Orkney wave power resource. Applied Energy 132, 339-348.
(Open access)
PDF or website (id:2422)

Quinn, N, Lewis, M, Wadey, M and Haigh, I. 2014
Assessing the variability in extreme storm-tide time-series for coastal flood risk assessment [Paper #2014JC010197] to Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans. 119(8), 4983-4998
PDF or website (id:2427)

Robins, P.E., Lewis, M.J., Simpson, J.H., and Malham, S.K. 2014
Future variability of solute transport in a macrotidal estuary. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 151 88-99
PDF or website (id:2447)

Robins, P.E., Neill, S.P. and Lewis, M.J. (2014)
Impact of tidal-stream arrays in relation to the natural variability of sedimentary processes. Renewable Energy, 72, 311-321.
(Open access)
PDF or website (id:2425)

Goward Brown, A.J., Neill, S.P. and Lewis, M.J. (2013)
The influence of wind gustiness on estimating the wave power resource. International Journal of Marine Energy 3-4, e1-e10.
PDF or website (id:2328)

Lewis M, Schumann G, Bates P and Horsburgh K. 2013.
Understanding the variability of an extreme storm tide along a coastline. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science , 123, 19-25. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2013.02.009
PDF or website (id:2329)

Maskell J, Horsburgh K, Lewis M, and Bates P. 2013.
Investigating River-Surge Interaction in Idealised Estuaries. Journal of Coastal Research, 30(2), 248-259.
PDF or website (id:2330)

Lewis, M, Bates, P, Horsburgh, K, Neal, J, Schumann, G. 2012.
A storm surge inundation model of the Northern Bay of Bengal using publically available data. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 139(671), 358-369. doi: 10.1002/qj.2040 (id:2331)

Lewis, M, Horsburgh, K, Bates, P, Smith, R. 2011.
Quantifying the uncertainty in future coastal flood risk estimates for the UK. Journal of Coastal Research, 27 (5). 870-881
PDF or website (id:2332)

Lundquist, C. J., Oldman, J. W., and Lewis, M. J. (2009)
Predicting suitability of cockle Austrovenus stutchburyi restoration sites using hydrodynamic models of larval dispersal. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, Vol. 43(3): 735-748.
PDF or website (id:2333)

Book Chapters

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Book Chapter in Renewable Energies Offshore. Lewis et al. "The direct effect of waves on the tidal stream energy resource". Taylor Francis Group, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-138-02871-5. (id:2689)

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