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Publications of Jonathan King

As indicated by hyperlinks in the list, PDF copies of some of these publications are available for non-commercial research and educational purposes only. You may not use the material for commercial purposes or make multiple copies without requesting permission from the copyright holder (usually the book or journal publisher).

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Galley TH, Beaumont AR, Le Vay L, King, J., 2017.
Influence of exogenous chemicals on larval development and survival of the king scallop Pecten maximus (L.). Aquaculture, 474, pp.48–56. (id:2693)

Robins, PE., King, J., Tita, A and Jenkins, S. (2017)
Predicting the dispersal of wild Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg, 1793) from an existing frontier population - a numerical study. Aquatic Invasions. 12. (id:2676)

Grade A, Chairi H, Lallias D, Power DM, Ruano F, Leitão A, Drago T, King JW, Boudry P, Batista FM (2016)
New insights into the introduction of the Portuguese oyster, Crassostrea angulata, in the North East Atlantic from Asia based on a highly polymorphic mitochondrial region. Aquatic Living Resources 29(4) 404. (id:2674)

Lallias, D., Boudry, P., Batista, F., Beaumont, A., King, J., TURNER, J.R, Lapègue, S. (2015)
Invasion genetics of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas in the British Isles inferred from microsatellite and mitochondrial markers. Biological Invasions. 17:2581-2595. DOI:10.1007/s10530-015-0896-1.
PDF or website (id:2109)

Walton M.E.M., Vilas C. ,Coccia C., Green A.J., Cañavate J.P.,  Prieto A., van Bergeijk S.A., Medialdea J.M.,  Kennedy H., King, J. and Le Vay L. (2015)
The effect of water management on extensive aquaculture food webs in the reconstructed wetlands of the Doñana Natural Park, Southern Spain. Aquaculture 448: 451- 463 (id:2533)

Galley, T. H., Braithwaite, R., Batista, F., King, J. W. and Beaumont, A. R. (2010).
Optimisation of larval culture of the mussel Mytilus edulis (L) Aquaculture International, 18,:315-325, DOI 10.1007/s10499-009-9245-7 (id:1781)

Lallias, D., Boudry, P., Lapègue, S., King, J.W. and Beaumont A.R. (2010)
Strategies for the retention of high genetic variability in European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) restoration programmes. Conservation Genetics. 11:1899-1910. DOI: 10.1007/s10592-010-0081-0
PDF or website (id:1833)

Cotter, E., Malham, S.K., O'Keeffe, S., Lynch, S.A., Latchford, J.W., King, J.W., Beaumont, A.R. and Culloty, S.C. (2010)
Summer mortality of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas in the Irish Sea: The influence of growth, biochemistry and gametogenesis. Aquaculture 303:8-21
PDF or website (id:1853)

Malham, S. K., Cotter, E., O'Keeffe, S., Lynch, S., Culloty, S. C., King, J. W., Latchford, J. W., and Beaumont, A. R. (2009)
Summer mortality of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, in the Irish Sea: the influence of temperature and nutrients on health and survival. Aquaculture 287: 128-138
PDF or website (id:1582)

King, JW, Ruohonen, K, Grove, DJ and Hammerstein, A. (2007)
Nonlinear time series analysis of food intake in the dab and the rainbow trout. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 245 (4): 749-762 (id:1214)

King, J.W., Malham, S.K., Skov, M.W., Cotter, E., Latchford, J.W., Culloty, S.C. and Beaumont, A.R. (2006)
Growth of Crassostrea gigas spat and juveniles under differing environmental conditions at two sites in Wales. Aquatic Living Resources, 19, 289-297. (id:44)

Seyhan K, Grove, DJ and King J (1998)
Feeding behaviour of whiting, Merlangius merlangus, L. in captivity. Fisheries Research, 34, 39-46 (id:1216)

Book Chapters

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Milner N, Potter T, Roche W, Tysklind N, Davidson I, King J, Coyne J and Davies C (2017)
Variation in sea trout (Salmon trutta) abundance and life histories in the Irish Sea. In: Harris G (Ed) Sea Trout: Science and Management. Proceedings of the 2nd International Sea Trout Symposium. Matador, pp.96-128 (id:2694)

Roche W, Milner N, Davies C, Shephard S, King J, Coyne J, Gargan P and Hughes R (2017)
Feeding ecology of sea trout (Salmo trutta L.) in the Irish Sea. In: Harris G (Ed) Sea Trout: Science and Management. Proceedings of the 2nd International Sea Trout Symposium. Matador, pp.371-395 (id:2695)

Ruohonen, K., Kettunen, J. and King, J.W. (2001)
The statistical design of feeding experiments. In: Feed Intake in Fish [Eds. Houlihan, D., Boujard, T. and Jobling, M.]. Blackwell Scientific, Oxford, pp. 88–107. (id:371)

Additional Publications

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CSTP [inc. King JW] (2016).
Celtic Sea Trout Project - Technical Report to Ireland Wales Territorial Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 (INTERREG 4A). Inland Fisheries Ireland, Dublin. 853pp (id:2696)

Walton MEM, Vilas C, Cañavate JP, Prieto A, van Bergeijk SA, Medialdea JM, Librero M, Mazuelos N, King JW, Lee D. O'C and Le Vay L (2015) Policy Guidance for Sustainable Wetlands Aquaculture. SEAFARE Policy report. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4579.7203 (id:2697)

King JW (2011)
Assessment of an application for a Several Order for Menai Strait (West) mussel and oyster fishery, Gwynedd and Ynys Môn, North Wales, on behalf of the Welsh Government. 123pp. (id:1986)

King JW (2011)
Management strategy for Pacific oyster production in Menai Strait (West). 9pp. (id:1987)

Lee D O'C, and King JW (2010)
Non-food use of mussels: Improving coastal water quality through mussel farming. Academic Expertise for Business (A4B) Feasibility Study. Centre for Applied Marine Sciences. Report 2010-01. (id:1988)

Cocks, D, King, JW, Oliver, S, Turner, J and Roberts, G (2008)
A software package for Environmental Impact Assessments. Centre for Applied Marine Sciences. Report 2008-06. (id:1682)

Forde, J, King, J.W., Malham, S.K., And Beaumont, A.R. (2008)
Growth and Immunology of Cultured European Flat Oysters in the Menai Strait. Shellfish News 26, 11-13. (id:1734)

Gurney-Smith, H, Braithwaite, R, Maguire, J, Wilson, J, Beaumont, A, Burnell, G King, J and Lee, D. (2008)
Technological and scientific development of mussel hatchery techniques in Ireland and Wales. Centre for Applied Marine Sciences. Report 2008-07. (id:1680)

King, J.W., Ruohonen, K. and Lyytikäinen, T. (2008)
How the study of food intake as a dynamical system may provide an explanation for variable feeding responses to stress: changes in forecasting error of feeding time series with increased plasma cortisol levels. Appetite: 51, 762 doi:10.1016/j.appet.2008.05.045 (id:1623)

Lee, D, King JW, Levay, L, McCartney, I and Beaumont, A (2008)
Atlantic Arc Aquaculture Group Final Report. Centre for Applied Marine Sciences. Report 2008-08. (id:1681)

Malham, S. K., M.W. Walton, J.W. Latchford, J.W. King and H.C. Greenwell (2006)
Testing the response of oysters exposed to chemicals X, Y, and Z. Centre for Applied Marine Sciences. Report 2006-5. (id:1442)

Malham, SK, Cotter, E, O'Keefe, S, Lynch, S, Latchford, J, King, JW, Culloty, SC and Beaumont, AR (2006).
Shellfish Aquaculture in the Irish Sea - detection and prevention of diseases in Crassostrea gigas. Centre for Applied Marine Sciences. Report 2006-06. (id:1683)

Cotter, E, Culloty, SC, O'Keeffe, S, Malham, S, Latchford, J, King, J, Beaumont, A (2005)
Mortality of Pacific oysters in the Irish Sea: Biotic and abiotic influences. Journal of Shellfish Research 24, 648 (id:1215)

Gurney-Smith, H., Braithwaite, R., Beaumont, A.R., King, J., Wilson, J., Maguire, J., Burnell, G (2005)
The use of phytoplankton and zooplankton in the conditioning of adult Mytilus edulis (L.) European Aquaculture Society, Special Publication 36: 192-194. (id:1684)

King JW and Day OJ (2000)
Development of culture techniques for Solea solea (L.) Year three report for Culmarex SA and Lakeland Smolt Ltd. CEFAS (id:2046)

King JW and Day OJ (2000)
Development of culture techniques for Solea solea (L.) Year two report for Culmarex SA and Lakeland Smolt Ltd. CEFAS (id:2047)

Tingley, G, Saunders, G, Harries, D and King, JW (1996).
The first shallow water marine survey around the Falkland Islands. A report prepared for the Falkland Islands Government by IC Consultants Ltd and Brown and Root Environmental (id:1443)

King JW and Grove DJ (1995)
Further comparisons of two batches of capelin oil used in Trouw Nutrition diets using demand-feeding techniques. A report commissioned by Trouw Nutrition (id:2048)

King JW and Grove DJ (1994)
A comparison of two batches of Trouw Nutrition Hi-performance No. 3 diets using demand-feeding Techniques. A report commissioned by Trouw Nutrition (id:2049)

Barnes DA, Howard GA, King J, Egan JA and Egan B (1993)
Plymouth Marine Scheme: Sub-tidal Benthic Studies in the Tamar Estuary. A report commissioned by South West Water Services Ltd., MBCC, Bangor, 75 pp. (id:1444)

Barnes DA, Howard GA, Egan B, King, JW, and Egan JA (1992)
Plymouth Marine Scheme: Inter-tidal Benthic Studies at Coombe Creek, (R. Tamar). A report commissioned by South West Water Services Ltd., MBCC, Bangor, 85 pp. (id:1445)

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